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دانلود پروژه Defender v1.7.8 برای آنریل انجین

Unreal Engine - Defender: Top Down Shooter (4.27, 5.0 - 5.1)

دانلود پروژه Defender برای آنریل انجین

پروژه Defender برای آنریل انجین


پروژه Defender برای آنریل انجین : این پروژه RPG تیرانداز اکشن با بیش از 280 بلوپرینت مانند هوش مصنوعی پیشرفته، صفحه پلیر، آمار، موجودی، غارت، گفتگو، تعامل، سلاح گرم، سلاح سرد، ذخیره، متن آسیب و همچنین بسیاری از ویژگی های شاهکار است ، این پروژه رو از سایت Unreal Engine برای کابران سافت ساز حاضر کرده‌ایم ، با سافت ساز همراه باشید.

عنوان : Unreal Engine – Defender: Top Down Shooter (4.27, 5.0 – 5.1)

فرمت : uasset umap

کاتالوگ : ندارد

موضوع : پروژه آنریل انجین

شرکت سازنده : Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine – Defender: Top Down Shooter (4.27, 5.0 – 5.1)

Defender is a top-down shooter template where you can use well-designed components to develop your games more easily. You can make your dream shooter game in no time!


%100 Blueprint and well commented
Includes Paragon Murdock, Wraith, Twinblast
Educational blueprint design with a lot of examples
Component-based design. You can use in-game components to any games you want.
Event-driven system to optimize logic. No need to make heavy casting operations between blueprints.
Partitioned Save/Load System
Different enemy types: Trooper, Sniper, Boomer, Heavy Gunner
Melee system and melee enemies like gruntling, spiderling and spider boss!
Different weapons like AssaultRifle, Heavy Machine Gun, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle
Vending Machine for the player to purchase weapons with in-game currency.
Actor flashing when taking damage with DamageFlashComp
DissolveComp to Material based dissolve in Characters
Improved damage text to show damage on actors.
Adaptive camera blueprint.
Outline material to draw outlines around meshes like loots and character
Enemy AI with behaviour trees.
Loot component to spawn user-defined specific or random loots
FadeMeshComp to fading mesh in front of main character.
Tagging system to define battle groups between NPCs.
Dynamic Hp Bar component to show hp with a lazy hp bar. Add to any actor to have a health bar in just a few clicks.
Multi-message feature to show multiple in-game messages efficiently.
Added Player Screen with three tabs: Character, Weapons, Armor
Added Stat System with StatsComp
Added Primary and Secondary Weapon Slots
Added Wearable Items (Armor)
Added 7 wearable armors each to ArmorTorso, ArmorHead, and ArmorLegs
Added Stats like XP, XP Bonus, Critical Hit Chance, Armor
Added Categorized Vending Machine with showing stats of items

حجم کل : 2.76 گیگابایت

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